Webrtc calls not working

Hi All,

I have a PBX system and i am using softphones(zoiper) to make calling. normal SIP calls working fine without any issue.
Problem is i want to make webrtc calling also so i enabled AVPF , ICE support, RTCP MUX and webrtc defaults in extension advance setting.

After enabling these settings am not able to dial SIP calls in softphone.
May i know what is the mistake and what i can do to work both SIP call as well as webrtc calling.

You can’t do both on the same SIP account. WebRTC and normal SIP are not compatible from a configuration perspective.

Thank you for the response.

May i know, is there any other way to work both using same extensions.
Like any webrtc client/softphone that can handle both calls.

I dont know of any but you can create a sip extension for the sip device and a partner webrtc extension matched to it similar to what we do already … for instance ext 1001 (sip) can have a partner ext that matches top with it thats webrtc

I actually think you can use this today by enabling the desktop softphone for one of your existing extensions and then looking at the device created for it , in this case it would be 981001; you can view this devices details by using this specific URL http://mypbx.com/admin/config.php?display=devices

take the ext (981001) and secret from this location and use it within your webrtc client or this test client → Browser Phone

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Hi cdolese,

You mean i have to create one more extension in PBX , 981001 for 1001 like that.?
Given URL not opening.

Found Sangoma connect desktop phone, where i can achieve both calls.

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