Webpage and ssh connection problems

Hi guys,

Have a beaglebone black running “incrediblepbx”, modules are up to date up to last night.
Last evening I upgraded 8 modules, pressed apply config. After that I still looked at some webpages without any problems.
This morning however I get a 404 message on the mainpage and on Tutty (ssh) I get a Network Error: Software caused connection abort.

I just check and the pbx seems to be running, just can’t maintain it anymore. Still can make outgoing calls via an ATA over an analogue line and phones show that they are registered. Also a SIP trunk to MyDivert is still registered.
Lenny however seems also to be broken, call is answered but gives silence and “today” gives a congestion tone and my SIP phone displays “no connection”

Anyone else issues? Any ideas?
Later I will do a manual reboot, wife had nightshift and my beaglebone black resides in the bedroom, don’t want to disturb her sleep. :wink:


First, you deserve much credit for having a home pbx. Adventurous.

Second, it sounds like you’re having trouble with the ethernet hardware or driver/config, possibly your MTU network settings.

I had to install a proprietary driver and update the MTU to make some server network cards run properly, and the symptoms were almost identical.

Lot’s of us have home PBX’s. Mine is connected to home automation, door phones etc. The house is wired with structured wiring and I have a PoE managed core switch with VLAN’s for voice, data, home automation, security camera and guests.

And I on a RasPBX, be careful with “incrediblepbx” it adds a lot of stuff (some pretty neat tricks there!) and you can get support if you use it from PIAF (not here) IMHO stay with RasPBX which is strictly Debian/LAAMP/FreePBX or wait for Ward’s bunch . . .

(and ignore the MPU s**t advice it is probably totally spurious for anyone but the poster)

Problem is solved… when my wife woke up I took a look at it and it happened to be that the microSD came out. That was probably also the reason Lenny was not working as the files are on the SD. So it was running as far as it could from memory. Everything that it needed access to the SD for failed.

Have been working in the telecom for the past 13 years, and have been playing at home with all kind of SIP pbx’s. My last professional challenge was a 18,000 SIP-user deployment with 3000 SIP channels. In that comparison, the house deployment is peanuts. With 1 SIP phone, 1 ATA for the TWC analog line (wonder why they just don’t allow to SIP connect directly), 2 SIP trunks (in total 3 lines) and GoogleVoice (as long as it is supported 30 days and counting down).

Liked the version of Asterisk that was running on the Synology NAS as it was a bit simpler to program for call flows (vectoring) based on ANI. But haven’t found the package yet to install it on the BBB.