Webmin & iptables

I am a new to freePBX. I am using the ISO CD ‘package’ (centos+freePBX with iptables and fail2ban etc). I have searched about looking for the answer before posting.

I have installed webmin to assist with the management of the CENTOS. When one looks at the iptables section within webmin it reports that the iptables are currently installed by a script (or external to webmin anyway). It offers to ‘import’ the iptables into the webmin interface but says you should then ‘disable’ the iptables script.

?1 How do I do this (disable the script)?
?2 I assume it wont break the fail2ban, i.e it will simply ‘import’ the iptables as they are but allow me to modify them from within webmin.

Many thanks for any help