Web meetme support with freepbx and asterisk

i want to create the conference bridge with web meetme support by freepbx and asterisk

which version’s are best for web meetme ,freepbx and asterisk .

plz help me…

I am sorry I don’t have any more answers for you

If you are just after the conference rooms then just use the FreePBX ISO. If you “require” the web gui from http://sourceforge.net/projects/web-meetme/ I am not really sure if there is an Asterisk, etc… version requirement as it is a php app then I would think the more important bits would be OS and PHP versioning.

yes conference rooms with web gui .creating the conference rooms in web gui itself

how can i work with freepbx and web-meetme how there both are integrated that is binded and how they are executed.as i’m new to freepbx and web-meetme i don’t know how these both works.so kindly plz help me.i’ve installed asterisk 1.6 freepbx 2.8 adn web-meetme 4.0.2.i have installed all these three and i dont know how can i work with all these three things.

The packages do not interoperate. Web-meetme has it’s own context, if you followed the instructions included with web meet me you would have added a context to /etc/extensions_custom.conf

You can call this application from the FreePBX dialplan via the custom destinations module.

ya buddy i’ve done all the things that u have suggested but no application is running.

good evening,i’ve installed freepbx which is to be integrated with web-meetme.
when i tried ti execute the conference-bridge the asterisk is getting disconnected.i’ve a sip account.and i created a sip account in freepbx and also i’ve created a conference bridge in web-meetme.when i’m trying to execute the conference bridge asterisk is getting disconnected…
…plz help me…