Web login using public ip

Hi i am new to the freePBX and going to ask a silly question hope its not really stupid…

i have configured a port on my server with public ip subnet mask and GW…

but when i use my public ip to access the freePBX using web http://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx/

i dont get anything… can i please know what is the real login link…?

many thanks

I don’t know what a login link is but the web server listens on all interfaces so you must have your gateway or iptables wrong. Can you ping the box?

It is not secure to expose http to the public Internet. If you need to administer PBX off site change listening port on SSH (secure shell) server to something other than default (/etc/ssh/sshd_conf then restart service). Open up just the SSH port.

Once you login and authenticate to SSH you can use that tunnel to get to any IP address on any interface connected to your server. It’s like a VPN.

thanks SkykingOH manage to set the configs on routing tables.

many thanks