Web GUI Stopped Working

Please go easy! I’m a very novice linux user!

I have installed FreePBX distro 2.10 onto a centos 5 box. Everything went smoothly. Configured extensions and even managed to get it working with Skype!

I wanted to get the box to email me with my voicemail and followed some instructions to configure sendmail. In the process I installed the Linux webmin package which works well on port 10000! Asterisk is still working and it started emailing me! Great I thought I had managed to get something to work! But In the process I seem to have stopped the freepbx web portal from working. When I put my machines ip into a browser it now just takes me to a Apache page! I’m guessing i’ve redirected Apache some how but i have no idea how to get it back.

I really don’t want to start again building the machine! But is there away to restore freepbx web min?

Thanks for any help,


Sure it would be a quick fix if you knew what you were doing.

I guess if you like webmin it is what it is but editing files is not that hard!

Anyway, you may be lucky and it just wrote something to the webroot. If you go to http://your.ip.address/admin/config.php does the page come up? If it does you are in good shape.

Nothing when I try going to http://your.ip.address/admin/config.php

Is httpd (apache) running (service httpd status) ?

are the files still in the /var/www/html/admin/modules ?

Did you enter bad credentials and get fail2ban’d (fail2ban-client -d) or just stop it (service iptabes stop). Don’t forget to restart (service iptables start and service fail2ban start)

I returned this morning with a clear mind! Managed to solve a problem. In short when using the webmin application to setup sendmail I setup an additional server! Thinking it was integral to the mail sending process. I left it configured and asumed it was the installation of Webmin that knocked out the freepbx web portal!

This morning I deleted that server and just left the default and everything reverted back to the way it was! Phew! The difference a few hours sleep makes.

Thanks so much for your fast response and help.