Web GUI do not write into extensions_additional.conf

Hi, I’m trying to add a rule for Outbound Routes, but it do not work - call can not be established. I found that file extensions_additional.conf havent got a changes after aplying changes in the Web GUI. What I do wrong? How to fix the problem?
PS: every 5 second I’m getting error message: ERROR[1605]: rtp.c:2878 ast_rtcp_write_sr: RTCP SR transmission error to, rtcp halted Invalid argument. – this is another problem or the same? Thank you very much!
PPS: I’m using Asterisk and trixbox v. (yes, I am dinosaur, and I know this is not FreePBX, but I hope some things work on the same manner)

I’m tempted to lock this thread, you’re running 10+ year old software well known for security vulnerabilities. Your ONLY goal for such a system is to get on supportable platform.


OK, thanks.

In newer versions of FreePBX, there is an “fwconsole chown” command that I expect would help you solve this. I don’t know that you have anything like that with this old a system. The first thing you need to do is upgrade.

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Thank you friend, but I already tried a magic reboot. It solved the problem. As well as the ERROR[1605] problem.

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