Web fatal error freepbx

I have FreePBX version installed, and yesterday I was trying to login to my FreePBX admin page, and got FATAL ERROR. This has happened once before in the past like 7 Month ago, and it happened again yesterday. I just power cycled my server and it the issue is fixed.

Do you know the reason for this issue, have you seen it before, how can we make sure this does not reoccur?

I tried to login via SSH, when I enter login and pass, I get an unexpected error occured and session closes.

I was away from the server so couldn’t connect directly to it…

I just wanted to see if others have experience the same issue, and what solution they had for it…

It seemed that MYSQL was the main issue, because I was able to login to A2billing, but couldn’t access my customers records or any other info.

If MYSQL is shutdown, is there another way we can configure the system to login VIA SSH with default credential, like a backdoor?

SSH is not dependent on MYSQL to function. Looks like there might be some kind of basic linux issue. I’ve seen similar things like this happen on the linux server we use for our police and court records system when disk space was running low. Had to go in and delete some log and temp files, but was alywas able to ssh in.

In your case, rebooting may delete temp files and free up some disk space.

You might want to look at this.

We put in a cron to, at intervals, clean up the tmp and log files on the police system.

May not be the same, but may give you a place to start looking.

Sounds like maybe the Apache Daemon may have died or went crazy. Next time this happens, from the linux command line type “service httpd restart” and see if that solves the issue.

It’s going to be REALLY difficult to troubleshoiotthe issue with no more info than you have. and you say it has occurred only twice in seven months.

Maybe digging around in the apache logs will give you a clue.