Web Console Authentications "Invalid username or password" (after login)

  1. Was running 10.13.66-12. No issues until yesterday morning. Although no patches were applied, we could not login to any web interface (admin console) without receiving a message, “Invalid username or password” on all known good logins.

  2. CLI fwconsole / amportal works fine. Root works fine. Attempted to use the old “amportal a s” but that didn’t help. (OT: Yes I know it’s depreciated).

  3. Saw that 10.13.66-13 was available. Downloaded the webscript, ran it. Upgraded the framework as well. No errors, rebooted.

  4. Update worked fine, however the issue persists. Can not login to the web interface/admin console. I see an older post from January with someone who had the same issue (I’m a new user - can’t post link), but there was no published solution.


Who - while we might appear to be omniscient, providing at least one detail (like what day in January or “Who”) would really help narrow this down.

Hi Dave. Not certain it will help. Should not have mentioned it really. See: “Web interface authentications no longer function (invalid username or password)” by geekboy on Jan11?


You read the fwconsole u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- part.