Web Callback

Hopefully easy question here, we’re getting asked for our server admin credentials when accessing the page containing iframe html code (http://ipaddress/wcb.php?id=1) for the callback. This makes sense, as it’s reaching into our server, but we need to strategically open the Web Callback function to the public side. The documentation doesn’t seem to cover this.

The server is PIAF using freePBX 2.11 & Asterisk 11.2.1. If anyone has any advice or suggestions I’l really appreciate it!


This is not anything we do. Its because of how PIAF setups their own custom .htaccess files. You will need to reach out to them on how to allow that module to have unathenticated users reach it. Its outside of FreePBX doing this but custom things PIAF does.

Got it, thanks Tony. Wish me luck over on the PIAF forums…

Sorry wish I could help more but they whole htaccess stuff gets really complicated and we feel way overboard.

Understood, and no problem. Thankfully the issue is solved- requiring some simple edits in PIAF to /etc/pbx/httpdconf/pbx.conf to allow unauthenticated access to the webcallback module & asset directories.

The other areas are secure, and Web Callback is working the well.