Web Call Back UI experience and voice problems

Hello there forum folks.

I hope that you can all help me understand Web Call Back commercial module. When we installed it, it seems that the UI isn’t clear as to what the caller is suposed to see and expect once the caller places the call. After placing the call, there is a long delay (approx. 10 sec) before the user gets a message “Please standby while we connect you…”.

We get the call. Desk phone rings. We pick up. But we get either:

  1. No voice AT NEITHER ENDS., OR
  2. the call is dropped by the system (?)

From the caller perspective, the user only sees the “Please standby while we connect you…” and it takes a few clicks on the “close” button before the message goes away. Is that normal behaviour?

FOLLOW ME is turned off.

What is going on?