Web call back customizing


When we use the web call back iframe it sends messages to the user like,

“The page at http://IP address says: That number is invalid as a callback number” We would like to send the message, “That number is invalid as a call back number” without the “The page at http://IP address”. We do not want to broadcast our PBX address to folks using our callback form.

We have tried using the form for Customizing the Web CallBack Form, but this only allows for 1 callback destination. We want to have a different callback destinations on different pages.

Can someone please help me understand how to just display the message without the page at http:// info.

Thank you

Anybody have ideas on this?

Kind of.

Your web page (on a separate web server) can create a “call file” with the date and time you want it to call back and copy it onto the server. If you want the call to be placed immediately, the file creation time is “now”. If you want it in the future, reset the file creation time so that it’s in the future, then “move” it into the callfile directory. This also give you the capability to do a lot of other cool automation stuff instead of just dropping a “call back” into the system.

Without more information about what you are really trying to do, there’s not a lot more I can think of to suggest.

Thank you for replying.

When we use the default callback feature from free PBX the call back iframe process sends a message to the user that the number is valid, or invalid.

This message includes the information, “The page at http://IP address says: That number is invalid as a callback number” .

We do not want to send the portion of the message that says, “The page at http://IP address says:”. This information is identifying the location of our PBX and we do not want to publish this on our website.

We did try the customization form, but that only allows one call back instance. We want to use different ones on different pages like sales, support…