Watch other extension with Cisco 7975g

I’m not sure of the correct terminology for what I am looking for so hopefully I can make some sense here.
Currently have some Cisco 7975’s connected to a UC540.
The extra buttons on the phone are configured to watch the state of other extensions so that the user knows at a glance if the extension they wish to call/transfer to is busy.
Is it possible to do this sort of thing with FreePbx?
Is it a function of the SEPxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml file or something on the server or a bit of both?



The Cisco does this in a non-standard way. If you research the issue you will find you need to patch Asterisk to send the correct commands to do the device state.

Having a proper name for it helps. :slight_smile:
Found the patch SkykingOH mentions.

The info is much appreciated.

I didn’t know the name or I would have let you know!

That’s ok. Between the two replies I found the exact patch you referred to. Now comes the fun part of trying to implement it. :slight_smile: