"WARNING,Friendly Scanner from IP address

I have SIP ports open to allow traffic from my SIP provider.
I am getting Warning Friendly scanner messages from his IP address. What do they mean?

-- Executing [[email protected]:3] Log("SIP/nexVortex-00000736", "WARNING,Friendly Scanner from") in new stack

[2017-02-12 20:13:33] WARNING[191747][C-000004cb]: Ext. s:3 @ from-trunk: Friendly Scanner from

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Don’t accept anonymous or guest calls.

Already not allowed

Not surprising , s in the [from-trunk] context will fall though to


you really need to provide a legitimate extension that the call will arrive at in [from-trunk]

so there is no legitimate ‘To:’ in the sip conversation for the call to go to so it will fail this way,

provide a full log of a failed call.

I had the same problem. This is caused if you recieve a call to a DID that does belong to you but you have not configure it as Inbound route. Also, this causes for the Fail2ban to react and block the IP (at least for me it did).

I had my inbound route badly configured.
Stil the “friendly scanner” thing is nothing to worry about?

Your welcome

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Thank you!
Always very helpful your comments, may you become rich and be prosperous!

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