Warning: Cannot connect to online repository (mirror.ipiphony.com). Online modules are not available

Hi all.
I just upgraded to Module version 2.9, after the Base version was updated the next step was to upgrade the Framework version. After the base version updated I went back to the module admin and now its saying it cannot connect to the repository . Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


didn’t notice that.


what distro are you using or otherwise where did you get your FreePBX installation? That is not our mirror site so you may be running a modified or otherwise not-up-to-date version of FreePBX.

Looks like another company taking FreePBX and re-branding everything and taking credit for the work.

Just tried to ping mirror.ipiphony.com…no Joy. Did a traceroute and it times out after 7 hops from me. I surmise the site is down.



what’s mirror.ipiphonycom? That’s not our mirror?

I have no IDEA, just answering the previous post.