Warning about SELLVOIP

SELLVOIP has been unreliable as a carrier. With both my DID’s going down with this recent changeover, I have been unable to get anyone to respond to me to assist with fixing the problem, or to even tell me they no longer wish to do business with me. I have tried every email, including sales, jed stafford, and aaron but have received no response across the last month. My most recent email to jed was a request to either help with my problem or issue me a refund - about a week and a half has gone by with no reply.

I work in sales, and was reluctant to voice anything negative publicly, but I don’t want others to suffer the same problems we did. We use one of the DID’s for business use (consulting) and have had to go with another carrier, reprint all our sales materials and business cards, as well as have several conversations with potential customers about why our number is ‘not in service’.

If someone IS interested in pursuing any ‘class action’ idea you can count us in - the direct cost to us has been in the thousands.

John Scheuplein
Ocean Networks and Engineering