Warmspare implementation

I am implementing
Warmspare on FreePBX 13 with great satisfaction
really nice and interesting!

I need something very very important for me: I must also be able to copy a mysql database with retative tables and fields of course … and obviously it is neither the asterisk database nor the asteriskcdrdb database but it is a database created by me where I store data obviously related to asterisk.

I have seen that it is possible to make customizable templates but it does not seem possible to point to a different database that is not asterisk or asteriskcdrdb …

Is there a way to also include another mysql database in the backup?

I haven’t done this but I would think utilizing the pre-backup hook script and writing a script to run the mysql database dump tool (mysqldump) and making sure the freepbx backup contains the mysql backup file (custom files) would be a good start to get the data to the warm server. I don’t know if the post-restore hook is run on the warm spare but would seem logical that having a post-restore hook script that checks if it is on the warm spare and dumps the mysql database would make sense. Depending on how you are using your warm spare, you may just be good without restoring until you actually need to use the warm spare and restore the mysql backup at that time.

Thanks for your cooperation
At the moment I managed to do the first part, in practice indicating the name of the database actually makes the copy and get it in the compressed file but at the time of the restore restored everything except the additional dababase, it seems to me a programming flaw …

I started using the Post-Restore Hook but it can’t find the script … I put absolute path … I tried to copy it also in / var / spool / asterisk / backup /
where should I put the script to show him?

Here’s what he writes…:
Running post restore script…
sh: ripristino: command not found

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