WarmSpare Backup File not found

I am using latest modules on FreePbx 15.
I have created a Warmspare backup.
When i leave the Filestore location blank the backup file is created in / and the
Restore is completed as it should,without any issues.Restorestatus :Done.
BUT when i set Filestore location to /var/spool/asterisk/backup the backup file is created in that directory but Restorestatus :Backup file not found.

Am i doing something wrong ?
Thank you

Hi @assos40

Looks like file permission issue. Please change the Filestore path to something like “/home/asterisk/backup” and check. If you are still facing the issue.

Thanks and Regards
Sandesh P

Same Result.
File is saved in directory but
Restorestatus :Backup file not found

Hi @assos40

Can you please paste the backup log so that it will be helpful to identify what’s causing the issue.

Thank you
Sandesh P

  1. FileStore Path is left Blank


  1. FileStore Path is /var/spool/asterisk/backup


Hi @assos40

In your first log --> FileStore Path is left Blank, I don’t see any issues, Restore status response says Restore done.
In your second log --> FileStore Path is /var/spool/asterisk/backup, Restore failed due to file permission.

Can you please help how to fix that ?

Dont bother.
Changed permissions and everything is working now.
Thanks a lot

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