Warm transfers with conference

Sorry if my terminology is wrong on this, but I could use some input.

My agent is talking to a client. They want to bridge in a 3rd party, make an introduction, and then drop of the call, leaving the client and the 3rd party on the phone. I’m using Yealink T41p phones and can do Conference, then split and transfer, but that seems a bit clumsy. I’m happy to do this through the AGI if necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

In the phone, Features -> Transfer, set Transfer on Conference Hang up to Enabled.

Then when the introduction is complete, just hang up.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! What an easy fix this is!

Thanks again!!

If you are interested in an “instrument agnostic” method for Attended Transfer, Asterisk and FreePBX also has “in call” features that allow you to do the same thing, just in case you end up with some other phone.

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