Warm spare voicemail issue

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I have a customer who i have setup a warm spare and backing up nightly we are having issue with ghost voicemails, if en extension receive a voicemail and haven’t read when back up runs that voicemail moves to the other server and phones receiving alerts from standby you have a new voicemail when customer checks it says you dont have no voicemail.

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That is for a couple reasons. The phone is registered to the standby and is receiving MWI from it. To the standby when you dump those voicemails into a voicemail box, it just sees it as a new voicemail. It will send MWI to known contacts that are subscribed to that mailbox.

While the phones are registered to the standby it’s probably a failover feature of the phone and since it sees the primary up, pressing the voicemail button or dialing *97 is going to send the user to the primary system where they probably have cleared their voicemail box.

Basically your phone is receiving MWI from two systems and the user can only dial into one directly from the phone because of the phones primary/failover logic.

That is exactly what is happening the question is how do i fix this issue.
1 I was thinking to change the backup and not pull the voicemails but then if i have an issue with primary server i dont have vm on standby.

2 I was thinking to remove the standby server from the phones, Then if i have issue no phone would register.

I dont know any thoughts.

What make/model are these phones? Really the failover should only attempt to register or use the failover when it detects the primary down. Having them both up at once causes issues like this.

There are options such as using a domain name instead of IPs so you can do DNS with SRV records (like how Flowroute does it) so you don’t have to have the failover account active. You could use an SBC/Proxy to handle routing based on the status of the primary/standby.

It’s all going to depend on what works best for you as this current method doesn’t seem to be.

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