Warm Spare Identical


I used to have two identical computers (in every way) to use for a primary and a warm spare. The warm spare’s onboard network interface quit working. How close to identical do these really need to be? Is just the PBX hardware (identical DAHDI card), or are we looking for something that is absolutely identical in every respect? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to track down the same motherboard if I have to rebuild. Can I just put a NIC in the PCI slot?

Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for looking this over!

Throw in a new network card and disable the on-board ethernet. Try it and see how close it is to working.

My experience is that the two systems (the primary and the backup) need to be the same architecture, but other than that, the system is pretty flexible.

If you have to buy a NIC, I recommend a USB device such as

rather than PCI, as it is more generally useful (works on laptop, SFF PC, VM, etc.)

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