Warm spare hardware and commercial module questions

I have a FreePBX installation with the following commercial modules:
Fax Pro
Conference Pro
XMPP Chat Server
Voicemail reports
System Admin
Endpoint Manager

I would like to create a warm backup of this server for rare chances my main server fails. We are not at a point where we need a HA solution. Most of these commercial modules I can do without on the warm backup as it would likely only be in service for a matter of days at the most while the main PBX is rebuilt. During that time we could easily do without most of these modules. So, can I still build a warm backup without buying the extra set of commercial modules knowing that they won’t function while I’m relying on the backup as my main PBX?

Also, per the instructions on creating the warm backup, it states I need identical hardware. Does that include memory, CPU, and drive size? For example, could my main PBX have a 400GB drive but my warm spare have a 200GB drive? I would imagine it could, but just checking.


I have a warm spare on another provider, with totally different hardware. Ive actually done it several times so no issue as far as I can see.