Warm Spare - Backup and Restore not working right

FreePBX 12.0.54 with Backup & Restore module v12.0.15

I went through the instructions to set up a warm spare FreePBX system and all seems to work well with the spare SSH connecting to the primary and running the backup, however, the settings don’t appear in the warm spare.

I think because the primary is actually one node of an HA cluster (Schmoozecom commercial module with licenses), which uses DRBD, the real locations of the asterisk/freepbx directories and files are symbolically linked to the /drbd/ mount.

Does that sound correct? I’m thinking that on the warm spare (single box, no HA, therefore no DRBD) I need to replicate the same directory structure - move the real files for asterisk/freepbx under the /drbd directory and put in the symbolic links so asterisk/FreePBX is none the wiser. This way, when the backup from the HA cluster’s primary server is pulled back and the restore to the warm spare processes, the changes actually get applied to the spare.

Does this make sense? If so, is there an easy way to determine what directories need moved under /drbd/ and the original location replaced with symbolic links?

[quote=“brumar59, post:1, topic:28637”]
I think because the primary is actually one node of an HA cluster (Schmoozecom commercial module with licenses), [/quote]

I’m impressed. I’d never thought of that. HA backups should really only be restored to OTHER HA nodes, but I realise that’s not documented anywhere, because it’s not something I’d ever thought of.

Yes, I’m pretty sure thats’ the problem. If you download the backup file and have a look inside it (using 7Zip or something like that), you’ll see how it’s all laid out.

I’ll have to have a think about this. If you want to, create a bug report about that on issues.freepbx.org and that’ll keep it on my list of things to do.

Im not using an HA model but what i seem to be coming across is the warm spare backup hanging when i try to backup dundi as well. Still working on it but once i do figure out why this is happening i can advise further but still not sure why dundi is breaking the backup.

kferguson, I’m still in a testing phase with the HA module doing various things (like my original post here says) so I am not configuring DAHDI… wait, you said dundi? Did you mean DAHDI? Anyways, when I get one box into production, it’s good to know of these types of quirks to look out for. Please advise when you have more info. Thanks!

I have completed a basic script to modify the file system of a non-HA FreePBX box so that it can be set up as a warm spare to an HA cluster. It basically moves the asterisk/freepbx/httpd/mysql directories under /drbd/ and links the original locations to them so that the applications don’t know the difference, but when a backup from an HA cluster is restored it to, the restore files go to the correct, corresponding locations.

I just tested this and it appears to work. Asterisk is running, FreePBX is functional, and the extensions that weren’t there before are now there.

Again, this is a testing environment and I have more testing to do, but so far so good!

@xrobau is it possible to attach files to a post? I submitted the ticket at issues.freepbx.com but thought I’d share my script to modify a warm spare box to allow backups from an HA cluster to restore to it. Thanks!

I, actually, don’t know. I don’t think so. But, you CAN link to a ticket that has files attached


Like that :sunglasses: