Wanted uk linksys 3102

Thunderstorm just blow up my Linksys 3102 and now looking for a replacement LINKSYS SPA 3102


PS I’m in the UK !

I’ve used the ‘Grandstream HT802’ ATA on a couple of occasions where a customer had a device that needed an analog dialout via their PBXact & they seemed to work ok. They are also supported within EPM. I believe these are equivalent to the ‘Linksys 3102’ ATA’s.

The HT802 were readily available in the UK earlier this year when I purchased them.

I’ve looked into the HT802 and it appears to have 2 FXS ports, I need 1 FXO and 1 FXS ports. I would rather have the Linksys SPA 3102 as I have the settings available from the broken one.
Thank You.

Fair enough, I appreciate you might want to try & use the same device as before to provide a drop-in replacement.

However, in case you can’t get a replacement ‘Linksys 3102’, I believe the HT813 has 1xFXS & 1xFXO ports to match your requirement (although you’d probably have to configure it manually as this model is not listed in EPM).


There are any number of Chinese copies of spa3000 fxs/fxo devices for less than $40 they work as well as the original Sipura ones did. Ckeck Ebay AliExpress and Banggood

(is using a ‘reference design’ the same as Piracy ? )

I’ve seen the SPA 3102 on Ali for £45 but wondered if anyone had one hanging around. I think the SPA3000 had echo issues with the design assuming it’s an exact clone, I have alerts setup on eBay if anything crops up.

Thank you.

I prefer the Grandstream series, prices good, comprehensive API.

I guess I’m too lazy to learn a new ATA but I will look to the Grandstream HT813. By API do you mean GUI or something else ?

(PS I know it means Application Interface :slightly_smiling_face:)

you have an ssh login available with a menu matching much the gui, but either way, once done you will rqrely need to revisit apart from any logging you might neee

Ah ok, I prefer GUI’s anything command line gives me the shivers :grimacing:
The 3102 I had, would stay up from power cut to power cut 1000’s of hours

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