Wanted! Good VoIP hardware supplier

Can anyone recommend a good hardware supplier for ATA’s and cards? I did purchase a couple of times from 888voip.com (formerly 888VoipStore.com) but it’s difficult as most of the time they don’t even reply to emails, voice mails and inquiries.

Back in April 2012 I send them an order confirmation for 16 Grandstream phones and they never replied. In August I send another inquiry for Sangoma cards and again no reply.

If someone knows a better supplier please let me know.

What kind of volume? I hate to say it but with the low margins personal service for 16 phones is not realistic.

You have to pay retail to get the service you are looking for.

I would say that 100k a year in volume should get you an assigned rep.

I am not looking for personal service or an assigned rep. I am just looking for a store with reasonable prices that replies to emails and order inquiries. Do you know any good suppliers?

They never said they are not interested and I have purchased from them before but recently they are not very responsive and I would love to find another supplier.

In my business I reply to every email and answer every inquiry.

You are correct, a return of an email or quick call is always in order. If nothing else to qualify the customer <>. At least that is how I run my business also.

Anyway call mike at e4 http://8774e4voip.com/ he will take good care of you.

Stop buying those crap grandstreams! If you need a low end phone with lots of BLW’s look at Panasonic, Yealink or the new SNOM 720 (my favorite for high button count without a side car).

Thanks for the contact I’ll check it out. I will also take a look at the units you suggested but we have about 200 HT286 and BT200 deployed without any issues whatsoever and provisioning is a snap.

In the beginning we had to figure out the exact settings for each model but setup properly they run without issues.