Want to use multiple CallerIDs for few extensions to outbound calls

hi ,

I have 2 extensions and multiple clients with different set of customers.

when I have to call Client1 customers I would like to use Client1 Callerid
for Client2 customer I want to use Client2 Callerid
same as for Client 3, 4 and 5 or so on.

Is this possible via one outbound route or do I have to create mutiple outbound routes with different prefixes like 7700 for Client1, 7701 for Client2, 7702 for Client 3 etc and each prefix has it’s own fixed callerid.

Is there any other simplest way ?

You would create one outbound route per caller ID, each with a different prefix. You can also get CallerID Management | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring to use feature codes to change caller ID.

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