Want to make a queue ...... what i have to do?

i want to configure a queue , i added queue and set the static agents …but seems not working.

i have a ring group , and i added the extention of this ring group as a static agents.

now what i need now to enable the queue on this ring group??

am i missing configuration?

what i need to continue my queue???

So you have a Queue… let’s call it “Sales”. Inside that Queue you have a list of extensions, say 201, 202, 203. How are you placing calls into that Queue? Are you dialing the Queue number directly or are you using an IVR to place a call into the Queue?

It should be that simple provided the static agents are online and your ring strategy is set to something where an active static agent is located (such as ringall).

You shouldn’t be putting a ring group into a cue. Delete the ring group. Add the extensions directly into the cue. Instead of directing calls to the ring group, direct them to the cue.

here is two images about my confguration

now the ringgroup extentions is 603 , and the extentions in 1st image are in this ringgroup.

what i need to do next ??
should i configure a queue priority ??? or it is optional ??

thnaks for ur support


should i configure queue priority ?

could somebody give me the guidelines about performing a queue ?

thanks alot

In case you haven’t noticed, you need to give us more information!
People cannot help you if you stay this vague…

Here is the queue documentation for freepbx:


i did , i read documents before , but im wondering why the queue is not active ,

look …
here i enclosed with images what i had done .



Want we need is you loggings. That is the only way to see what is going wrong.
Post your log file here so we can have a look at it.

should i have root permission on server , or i can find the loggs from cli web page >???

Not sure what interface you are using. In Freepbx you can go to Tools - Asterisk Logfiles.
Other option is to go to /var/log/asterisk and check the file named full

i couldnt see Astresik logfiles , but i can type cli commands

what command can i do from cli ?

I don’t know if you can access this from CLI but if you want to have good control over your server make sure you access it by ssh and go to /var/log/asterisk

When troubleshooting allways check your logfiles first.

ok thanks alot

Ring Group versus Queue

As I understand it the difference between a ring group and a queue is that ring groups usually expect someone to answer the call pretty quickly. While there is a roll-over to voicemail or something similar, it expects calls to be answered.

On the other hand queues expect that the person calling will need to wait for someone to become available to answer, and they may be waiting a while. Because of this expected long wait they can be given more announcement options, status of their position, and a wait time that’s longer than someone’s normal extension ring time before going to voicemail.

So Ring Groups and Queues are very similar indeed, with the amount of time the person is expected to wait before proceeding to the next option (voicemail or whatever) being a longer period of time.