Want to install the HTTPS Cert we already use on our public domain into FreePBX

You aren’t using UCP Node nor WebRTC.

@tm1000 has spent the last few days of his life caring deeply about X509, PKI and TLS. I’m pretty sure he’s wishing he never dived down this rabbit hole, but when he emerges, everything’s going to be kittens and butterflies.

Edit: SECURE Kittens and ENCRYPTED butterflies.


Is UCP and UCP node two different modules…?

They are indeed…

ahhhh ok i didnt know that

since we are talking about UCP… Where are the ucp php/html files. I want to add a custom logo to the UCP login Screen

Nevermind I found them :slight_smile:

Want to mention where you found them so we can benefit? :wink:

How do you paste HTML code in the forum

Use the code tags… [code] html code [/code]

[code] File location is /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucp/htdocs/views

also copy image to /admin/modules/ucp/htdocs/assets/images/

change file header.php and add this

right above(below at the bottom.

<?php echo _("Loading")?>

also at the top you can change

<?php echo _('User Control Panel')?> to <?php echo _('Business Names Control Panel')?></tit [/code]

I am not web designer but i just play till it works lol

Keep in mind that per the TOS and GPL agreements you must keep our copyrights and logos. You can add your own but removing ours is against the law.

I’m sure you’re plenty busy with all the other HTTPS/SSL stuff, but does Endpoint Manager support phone provisioning over SSL? My Polycom IP 335 phones all have HTTPS/FTPS Provisioning Server options. Is that on the roadmap, or not for now?

One would hope that, once the certificate and key files are properly introduced, they would work using the same webserver as everything else.

I’ve not set up this specific secure interface (since I HATE Polycom phones) but since you would be searching the same webserver as the admin interface, I’d think it would “just work”.

I left the freepbx logo just added ours in the middle of the screen if the UCP panel.

I just noticed in another thread that you’re working with letsencrypt:

Just wanted to say thanks and give my encouragement. I just happened to be spending a few days learning about letsencrypt, and I was trying to figure out how to use their tools to secure the FreePBX GUI/UCP, and to secure our websockets (wss).

I’m sure you guys are much brighter than me at this stuff, so thanks again for working to integrate it and save me from reinventing the wheel :slight_smile:

I get the error: Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server because: Error xhr poll error

I want to use SSL, has this been fixed, I am on the latest version, ports set.

hola amigos yo tengo el servidor de freebpx local y quiero ponerle https pero no me deja