Want to add Numbers to my PBX with Caller Names

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I want to add a list of numbers from which when we receive calls they will show the CALLER Name as we saved them with just like Mobile Phone.

e.g Number = 12121212121, Name = US Test

when call comes from the above number it shows us the Caller Name as or Call From US Test instead of their CallerID.

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Thanks for showing up.

Can I add my manual CallerID’s ?

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Use a contacts group as the lookup source.

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it didn’t work .

it just shows the Call Number not the CallerID.

I used the Asterisk Phonebook and used the scheme in inbound route for the Number but it still shows the Call Number not the Caller Name as saved in Asterisk Phonebook.

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Don’t use the Asterisk Phonebook, I am not sure if that module is still supported.

Use a contacts group instead.