Want help to make Superfecta UK Telemarketers Lookup using better source (who-called.co.uk)


My father in frustration has been taking about canceling the land line due to an onslaught of daily telemarketers. I’ve persuaded him not not to for several reasons (one reason, having quite a few relatives abroad).

I see there are about three data sources for looking up UK Telemarketers in superfecta but those websites aren’t updated much by the public and go for days with no new listings.

who-called.co.uk seems way more active with new comments every few minutes (great site).

I dont have any programming experience but I have been looking at some of the superfecta sources such as phonespamfilter.co.uk and reversephonebooks.co.uk and trying to reverse engineer them but I need help in creating a lookup using who-called.co.uk, any helpers?

I’ve coded a few, are automated lookups permitted by the site’s TOS?

Hi Igaetz! Thanks for responding. I’ve just thoroughly read their TOS twice and also run a bunch searches for keywords (including automated, lookup & search etc) and nothing to do with automated lookups are mentioned in any way. Theres certainly nothing there against anything vaguely like this. The TOS aren’t very specific about how the site can or cant be used.

I’ve look at some of the existing modules again and based on PhoneSpamFilter_UK I’ve come up with this


I realise there probably are mistakes in that code (I’ve never programmed before)!

And I have no idea how to add this to superfecta to even try it. :confused: