Wanec1: The H100 slave has lost its framing on the bus

Good morning. Just to give a little background:

This is a pre-production build, latest Freepbx distro running on an HP Prodesk computer. I’m using a Sangoma B601 card for T1 connectivity. Since I’ve setup the B601 (through /usr/sbin/wancfg_dahdi), I’ve been getting the H100 error msg pretty consistently once the OS boots up. Despite the error, I haven’t had any failed / dropped calls, but my testing thus far has been limited to a half dozen short external calls.

I’d appreciate any feedback / any things to check for. Please keep in mind that I’m a linux novice and a Freepbx noob.

I zipped a couple log files…/var/log/messages and var/log/asterisk/full. The are located in this zip:

This might bear repeating in a trouble ticket, especially if this is a new (under warranty) installation. Not saying someone here won’t be able to help, but the experts are a resource you shouldn’t be afraid to use…

Thanks Dave. I purchased the Sangoma card used so unlikely that it’s under warranty. I’ll try a trouble ticket regardless.

I should also mention that I’ve tried to set HWEC_CLKSRC = YES on wanpipe1 by editing /etc/wanpipe/wanpipe1.conf, but it seems the setting disappears as soon as asterisk restarts.

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