WAN Connected Trixboxes not connecting right?

We have two Trixbox’s connected by VPN. Both systems can ping each other, all other network traffic between the two locations is working fine. I can remotely log into both systems. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Both systems have worked for months, and been able to transfer calls from one location to the other. All the phones at my location are 20xxx, all at the remote location are 24xxx. Up until a few days ago, I could dial 24123 and get that person. Now when I dial that, it rings for 6 rings or so (about 30 seconds), then give me the ‘all circuits are busy now, please try your call again later’ message, then it displays Call Failed on the phone.

My settings:

Outbound Route Name: ToKC
no password, no pin set, no emerg. dialing
Intra Company Route is checked

Dial patterns: *24XXX & 24XXX

Trunk Name: ToKC
no caller id, no override callerid, no max channels
Dial Rules: 24XXX
Outgoing Settings PEER Details:
secret 12345
type peer
username trixboxb

On the remote trixbox:
Trunk Name to SC
Incoming Settings:
User Context trixboxb
context - from-internal
secret 12345
type friend

Is there something I’m overlooking? Does anyone know what could be causing this?

EDIT - In looking through the call logs, I see that my attempts at calling an extension at the other location is showing up on our server’s call log, but not on the other servers log. So it isn’t handing off the call to the other box.

When I try the call on a regular desk phone, the display reads Call Failed, when I try it on a SIP account, I get the error back “Bad Gateway”


You may of already done this but have you “tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full” to see what failures you are getting when you try and make the call or go to the asterisk GUI with asterisk -vvvvvr from the command line and “sip set debug” and review what you are getting to help you find out what the problem is. Hope I helped some. Its wierd that it has been working fine and you say the boxes can ping each other fine through the VPN. The only problem may be port blocking through the VPN or something like that if it is not something wrong with the setup. I use IAX2 trunks between all my Asterisk boxes because of less ports and it seems to work out better most of the time.


Damien, you were right. Issue turned out to be a bad setting on a firewall at one location stopping the phone traffic. Issue was resolved. Thanks!