Wall Monitor For freepbx

Dear All ,

I have a freepbx system running for one of my client. He need a Wall Monitor for monitoring the calls , specifically Totall Calls in queue , Waiting Calls , Agent logged in. I am looking for a free and open source one.

Anybody can guide me to choose a better one ??

Thanks In Advance

iSymphony is very nice, but have you tried FOP2?

Hi bipinkdas,

The hard part here is the “Free”. iSymphony will do exactly what you are looking for however it is not a free solution. You can learn more about iSymphony at getisymphony.com

Dear Stamm ,

I am experiencing isymphony. Free is the first option , paid comes second.


At some point the amount of time invested into looking for the free solution is more costly than the paid solution.

There is no Free Option that will work well and do what you want. Not all things in life are free.

Tony is right, no out of the box solution exists for free.

FreePBX is open and you can change it to be however you likes. That is what integrators are supposed to do for their clients. Not get on boards trolling for more free software they can make money on.

If you don’t want to pay for the existing work product (iSymphony) then write your own. That is the power of Open Source.

You can kludge around with FOP but isymphony “just works”

Dear All ,

Thanks for your help. Yes, I agree nothing in life comes free.

There are several PHP pages people have made… this is one.