Walkie Talkie Mode with Polycom Phones using FreePBX

Our company has switched from phone lines to using VoIP. Our old phones were (are) Iwatsu’s, and one function that we still use with them is a walkie talkie function, more or less. With the Iwatsu, I could page the Front Counter by simply pressing the Front Counter button and be put on speaker, or pick up the phone and press Front Counter, and automatically, I’ll be on speaker phone with the Front Counter, and can say, “Hey Joe, are you up there?” And Joe would either reply back, “Yes”, or pick up the phone and reply back, “Yes”.
I’m currently typing this with two phones on my desk, and am looking to get it down to one… Is there any way to make this function work with these Polycom phones?

In FreePBX, you can force all internal calls to auto answer. Settings > Advanced Settings

You’re looking for intercom. Dial the intercom prefix in front of the ext number, and the far end will auto answer.

I’ve tried this, and when we had a customer call, the phone auto answered… There may be more settings in play that caused that to happen?

I’m not an IT person, but the de facto IT person at this company. Where can I find the intercom prefix?

Admin > Feature Codes

That has not been my experience but @lgaetz solution may be better for you in that case.

So I’ve found the intercom prefix, *80, and punched that in, then pressed the phone line that I want to speak to. It still has that phone I’m trying to reach ring, instead of automatically answering and going to speaker.

The *80 is a prefix. This means that you have to type *80 all in one go for it to work.

So as of right now, I type *80, then press the side car button for “Front Counter”. All in one go. Should I find the extension number and type that in following the *80, as opposed to just pressing the “Front Counter” button on the side car?

When you press the button it dials whatever number is configured for that button. It overwrites whatever you typed prior to pressing the button. You’ll either need to reprogram the button by appending the *80 to whatever number is programmed for the button or manually type out *80 and hitting dial.

There are also phones (like Yealink) that support a “prefix” button that allows you to press the prefix button and then a programmed BLF to intercom that extension