Wake up calls fail


I have tried to set up a wake-up call to an extension using the *68 feature code. The wake-up call is never placed, although I do see it in the list.

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Is the time on the system correct?

TBH, I never played with wake up calls. Can you please tell me where you can see the list?

Also, can you please post a call trace of the call when they schedule a call? https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/SUP/Providing+Great+Debug#ProvidingGreatDebug-AsteriskLogs-PartII


Time is correct. Same as server time.


Do the call files

A) have the correct ownership and timestamp?
B) Disappear at that time?
C) show any trace in the logfile at it’s due time?


They are working now. The problem mysteriously disappeared.


Gotta love mysterious solutions, we will always be able to fix them next time they happen, just wait, they are self healing . . . :wink:

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Problems that go away by themselves come back by themselves…


And when they come back, that’s a wakeup call.


. . . That you won’t get . . .

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