Wake up call and G729

I’m running
PBX Firmware: 1.1100.211.63-3
PBX Service Pack:

And due to Bandwidth problems I’m using G729 codecs.

I’m not an expert but seem that due to G729 wake up call, Ivr and music cannot work properly.

If I dial *68 from any phone no result but If I config operator wake up call will receive my call.

Even with Music on Hold have problem.

Is that due to G729??

Thks Claudio

Have you purchased or use the open source codec_g729 in …/modules?
Can you try running this at the command promot(not inside asterisk cli)
#asterisk -rx "module show like codec_g729a.so"

asterisk -rx “g729 show licenses”

Above command is when you are using the official g729 distribution from Digium.

Hi Thks for your information, Ive bought a Key with 2 channel , installed and registered to Digium, and can find out on the promt with your command, but nothing change, should i change something in freepbx GUI or will find codecs by itself??

Solved… Cisco ip phone and Cisco spa use *68 in regional folder, same code of wake up call, just cancelled on Cisco Appl. And module works again!