Waiting message

I want to leave a waiting message if a call is not answered, how can do this.?

The outline is as follows:

The customer call enters and is directed to a extension.
If the extension is busy should giving a waiting message, then the call repeats .
This process is should give 2 times, after which the call is hanging.


Use a call queue. Setup a static agent as the target extension, and the timeout value to their voicemail. Then direct the inbound call to the queue.

And the waiting message? I need that the waiting message is repeated if the extension can’t answer, then is retried the call to extension.

Think about the call flow logic here. What you’re describing is:

  1. CAll comes in
  2. Call rings to extension X, (caller heres ringing)
  3. If Extension X doesn’t answer after say 30 seconds, caller hears message
  4. Call rings to extension X again. cycle repeats

Unless your message is really long, that’s probably not what you want since the caller will basically be hearing ringing constantly. A queue probably makes more sense because it lets you do this:

  1. Caller enters queue. If extension X is available, it rings right away
  2. If extension X is not available, or does not answer, caller hears the hold music.
  3. The queue plays them a message once every Y seconds saying “Please hold, we’re still trying that person” or whatever you want. This is your "Periodic Announcement"
    3B) In the meantime, the queue is set to retry the extension every Y seconds + the length of your announcement (that way it doesn’t get cut off if the extension answers).

The main advantage to this route is that by setting a realistic value for Y seconds, you can avoid hammering the extension constantly, and also end up giving your caller a more uniform/clean experience since they don’t have to hear ringing all the time.

I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but that would be my approach.