Wait Queue

I’m playing around with freePBX for quite a time but i can’t find a solution to this problem…

When a caller calls me, he/she should get a welcome message (ok…i already have that one), followed by some music (ok, i have that one too). After one minute, he/she should get a voice “you are caller number x” (can’t find it) and the choice to wait or to press a button (eg # or *). When i choose to press the button the system hangs up and i receive an e-mail saying something like "you received an call from ".

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Your first and second questions are answered in the wiki, (you should spend some time there;-) ), if the final destination is an vmail box, you can be sent an email, otherwise write a custom destination to do the email thing.

(I, perhaps incorrectly, assume that you have already discovered Queues)

Hello there!
Well i already discovered queues and also the wiki. I know that my first and second question is answered in the wiki, that why i typed “i already has that one” :slight_smile:

At work there is at this moment a Avaya system with this functionallity but it’s a little too expensive. So we’re trying setting up a freepbx box with the same functions as the Avaya box now has.

When a caller calls our number, he first get a message "welcome to ", please hold the line and some music. After one minute he can choose (and it have to repeat every minute) to be called back by one of us. When he hits the key, we get an automatic mail from the avaya box "Client to be called back : +32012345678.

Is that possible with frreepbx?
And tnx for your fast answer!

Yes, it is all documented in the wiki as stated and in the popup help in the queue itself also. You need a “breakout” IVR, just as both state. . .


Thanks again for your very fast answer.
I’ve read about ivr breakout but i don’t think that is the solution i need. I want a solution so that the caller don’t have to waste his time calling us but he can press a number or sympol (# or *) and we get an e-mail including his telephone number so we can call him back ourself.

You are talking about this part of the queue wiki, or am i wrong : http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/F2/Queues

Please feel free to do it your way, which apparently doesn’t work, my way works, and if you had cared to press the pretty red and blue picture on that page you might get enlightened too.

Have a “breakout” that after a key is pressed (your choice) will send the caller to an IVR that will explain to them that they can leave a short message, then to an unannounced voicemail box, that vmbox will then send you the voicemail, if that is too hard for them, then write a custom destination that will send you an email without them leaving a message (but why you want to do that to them after ignoring them for so long is a mystery to me).

Again I implore you to read ALL the wiki, (and if necessary more than once) all the tools are there, it is up to you to use them to your advantage.