VVX Expansion module not provisioning with Commercial EPM

I’m sure that I am missing something here but I don’t know what it is.

FreePBX distro
FreePBX version
Asterisk version 5.211.65-14
EPM module version
VVX500 firmware 4.1.6

Rolling out a system with Polycom VVX 500 phones and SoundPoint IP5000 conference phones - everything provisioning and working perfectly with the Commercial End Point Manager with one exception. We have a VVX Color expansion module for one of the VVX500 phones. Was unable to get it to power up and discovered I needed a newer firmware. Firmware upgrade resolved the power issues and I now see the expansion module boot but none of the buttons get provisioned. Template within EPM for this phone includes VVX500 and VVX-Color-1 button settings.

Any idea what I am missing? Please let me know if you need more information.



I thought the module was only supported in 5.x also it’s the only version video works in.

Wonder when 5.0 will be vetted by Schmooze.

I have not taken the time to see if there is a process to upload our own firmware.

Thanks SkykingOH!

I think you are referring to the VVX firmware when you mention 5.x? I spoke with Polycom and they said 4.1.6 and 4.1.7 both support the expansion module. 4.1.6 is also when the camera support was added. When I checked EPM - the 4.1.6 firmware is available so that is what I upgraded all of the phones to. According to what I’ve been told and what I’ve read, that should work. The Expansion module now powers up and runs through it’s diagnostics. It is also listed as an available device within the Polycom templates within the commercial EPM module.

Anyone have any information if this does work with the commercial EPM? If not, If I manually upgrade the firmware to the latest - 5.1.1 Rev. B, I think - will I still be able to use the EPM module to configure? Is there any other workaround available to make the color expansion module useable?

Thanks Again!


Did you tell the phone what expansion module to use. In extension mapping under your extension click advanced and under Expansion Module pick the EXP and rebuild the configs

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Thanks Tony!

I knew I was missing something simple. Obvious and embarrassing once you pointed it out but I did miss it. That took care of it. Thanks again!