Vultr and setting up the firewall

I have been able to successfull setup a freePBX distro on a Vultr server via the ISO install. i have everything working except i am unable to recive incoming audio which what i think is a nat issue of some type.

I started our by opening in the Vultr Firewall
UDP 10000-20000
UDP 5161
UDP 5060

but i have tried enable Nat, disable Nat
then i just open
UDP 0-65535

and then do this with the idea that the Freepbx boxes firewall would handle, But i get nothing for incoming audio.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

You are needlessly using the vultr firewall, you don’t need Nat, the machine has a public IP , look to any firewalls/routers between your extensions and the vultr ip

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So should I just open up the firewall on vultr (like a 1-65535 udo port scenario) and then in freepbx set nat to no?

Yes, but unless you know what you are doing, just turn off the vultr firewall, you will need tcp also

Sounds good thank you, and I I’ll give this w try tomorrow

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