VTech VCS754 unable to register

I’m using FreePBX
I’ll start by saying i’m new to Free PBX so please forgive the ignorance.

I normally use Cisco SPA5114g Phones but i have a Vtech VCS754 that i’m trying to register with my phone system. the phone keeps state Lines unregistered.
under endpoint manager I’m creating a new template and i get a blank screen for the VTech VCS754, normally i’m able to select account speed dial and so on then save that phones template.
my questions are,

  1. is there another way to register the phone?
  2. Do i need an update to my software that will give me what is needed to register this phone?
  3. is there something else i’m missing?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Brian, how are you?
My advice is: Upgrade your PBX, FPBX12 is EOL right now, you can try to move to 15 using our Backup and Restore module.

I use these all the time. Manually configure from web interface.

Thanks for the advice, i’m going to be playing with this over the weekend. I’ll let you know if I am successful.

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