VQ+ (Queue pro version 13.0.26) shows "unknown" as cid on agents phone

Hello,I am currently trying out the VQ+ module on freePBX version running asterisk 13.11.2.

When a person gets a callback, they will be placed in the appropriate queue but the agents phone will display “unknown” as caller I.D.

Client (420492942) ------PBX-----IN QUEUE (PRESSES 1) & confirms numbers ----- PBX CALLS BACK —> “UNKNOWN” ID is showing on the agents phone.

Is this a normal functionality of VQ+ or a bug? Is it possible to display the caller ID that of the client instead of “unknown” on the agents phone?


+1 I’m having the exact same issue. Can anyone chime in?

Did either of you ever submit a ticket on this? It is a commercial module…

If your sip provider doesn’t support rpid (connected line), this is the result:

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