VQ Plus Queue Penalty Rules not working

I am trying to achieve a call distribution with Queue Penalties. It seems that the Penalty does not go up, despite a Queue Penalty Rule having been set up and included in the Queue.
Only agents with penalty 1 are being called, there is no advancement in the penalty counter.

Anyone have experience with this?



I am afraid you are confused with two different things.

Simple agent penalties, say:


The queue won’t call 104 unless 101, 102 & 103 are busy, so if anyone with penalty 0 is just not answering calls, the queue will never try an agent with a higher penalty.

Unless you are talking about something else. Can you explain exactly your call flow?

More specifically, it will not call anyone with a higher penalty value if there is an agent that is available for calls with a lower penalty. So the 0 penalty agents either need to be on calls, paused or logged out for the system to move to penalty 1 agents.

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Keep in mind that the VQ Plus Queue Penalty Rules are meant to help escalate calls faster in a queue based on the callers hold time. So in this case if there are three 0 penalty agents in the queue to answer calls and you have a VQP Queue Penalty rules that says “If caller is on hold for 30 seconds jump/drop to penalty N or (+/- N value)”.

So you would need a caller to come into the queue, attempt to call 0 penalty agents that are available and if after 30 seconds there is no answer by those agents, it jumps the caller to agents with penalty 1 to be called next.

Basically this is a way to escalate calls to members with higher or lower penalty’s without have to have multiple queues for those other agents to be in. All in the same queue just managed by penalties instead of actual call flow.

That is not 100% true. With VQ Plus we have a feature called lazy members. If you turn that on in the queue it will try all agents with the lowest penalty first. If they don’t no answer we mark them as lazy for that caller which then allows us to escalte the call to new penalty group. If after we have treied all agents in all Penalties we reset the lazy flag and start the process over again.

Correct, I did not review or go over the lazy members. I didn’t think I needed to clarify everything that is documented.

And therein lies the problem!
The penalty rules seem not to be escalating to a higher penalty!
Just sticking with penalty 1, and ignoring all increases that are set to occur after a set number of seconds.

And lazymembers is not doing anything, either. Very strange.

Can you post screenshots of your config?

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