VPS installation

Hi, can someone please advice what happens after an installation in a vps. Can I still install other programs on it?. Websites?..ETC… TY

You can do whatever you want. It is just an RHEL 7 (assuming distro release) based instance.

Doesn’t mean you should.

Thanks for your reply. I’m only asking because I see that the Dustro will reconfigure the server.

I often install TimeTrex on the phone server. It uses the same “services” as FreePBX/Asterisk and I have a context that allows employees to clock in and out on the server.

As long as your application doesn’t mess with the FreePBX stuff, you should be fine.

Let me say that again - as soon as one of your packages adds something to the system or updates a critical asset, your FreePBX installation could be completely hosed.

Your mileage may vary.

Use at your own risk.

If you screw up the phones, it’s all you.

Know what you’re doing or be willing to accept the consequences.

As long as you’re good with all of that - yeah, knock yourself out. :slight_smile:

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