HOLY CRAP! I wanted to share my experience with those looking to get a hosted pbx up and running. I first went to rentpbx and it is not horrible and has many servers around the US but its expensive! It had no backup options and found myself bothering support to have them reinstall when a update went bad. I looked at hostedpbx but im in Florida and they just didn’t have servers close by.

I finally went to vultr! Let me tell you if you need a hosted pbx system it is fantastic! You can mount a custom iso and install it yourself! I uploaded freepbx beta iso and to my amaze a windows pops up and you install it just like you would on a regular pc. Its is pretty cool. You do this yourself and do not need help from support. You can also create snapshots or backups of the vm that you can restore if something goes bad. You get a free 5 dollars on your first purchase.

2GB Ram
3TB of Bandwidth VERY FAST
cost me 10 dollars for the first month with the credit. The next month will be 15 dollars. WOW! I just wanted to share. If this is something you are looking for give it a shot!

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