VPN setting for All Users group is not inherited by actual users?

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I’ve recently started using VPNs for our remote phones. (I’m using the Endpoint Manager to handle things.) The issue is that Users do not appear to be “inheriting” the VPN setting from the All Users group. In the All Users group, VPN is set to “Auto Create & Link”. For each User, under VPN, “Auto Create & Link” is set to “Inherit.” However, that user’s VPN does not appear to be created. It does not appear as an option in the Endpoint Manager Extension Mapping and it does not appear under the VPN Client section of System Admin.

If I go into the user’s VPN settings and change it from “Inherit” to “Yes”, it gets created immediately and works fine.

So, not a huge deal, but am I missing something or is this a bug? It just doesn’t appear to be inheriting the VPN setting from the All Users Group.

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This was moved to the “Endpoint Manager” section, but I don’t think that should have been done. This is not an Endpoint Manager problem – I just mentioned it as ONE PLACE where the VPN information does not appear. Again, the problem appears to be related to the standard Users/Groups stuff. It is not inheriting the VPN setting.

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No issues for me when I test using ‘inherit’ for the user. Make sure all modules are up to date, and if issue persists open a support ticket.

(John G) #4

Everything is indeed up to date. I’ll open a ticket.

Just to confirm, you add a new user (say “test”) and do nothing to it – the VPN tab for that user just shows “inherit.” If you then go into System Admin->VPN Server, you immediately see that new “test” VPN in the VPN Client list?

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