VPN Server URL / Backup VPN Server URL questions

I don’t quite understand why a phone on OpenVPN would have its VPN Server URL settings set to a private IP address.

For example (this is set on one of my OpenVPN phones that are working):

VPN Server URL: http://yyyyyyyy:[email protected]:83/005058XXXXX-vpn.tar

My question is: why is the VPN working if this is set to the internal IP?

In my opinion this be set to the public IP of the FreePBX.
What setting in the FreePBX changes this?

I did check the users VPN config and the IP address is correctly set to the public.

In order to get the phone to work I had to manually change this, factory rest, then reboot.

Any info is greatly appreciated, I’m simply trying to wrap my head around how it works and what affects where the phones goes for a VPN connection.

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