VPN server Freepbx

Hi, here is my config:

My config on what I call

-the LAN subnet:
Main router TPLINK OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05
Switch Cisco L3
VPN server on the openwrt subnet port 1200
VPN server on the Freepbx server subnet port 1194
Current Asterisk Version: 11.23.0
Freepbx FreePBX
Firewall redirect rule on the openwrt main router to LAN subnet IP of freepbx server

-and a REMOTE subnet where I try to install a S700 sangoma ip phone.
from the REMOTE subnet I can ping any server in the LAN subnet.

But it doesn’t work. Account unregistered in the IP phone in subnet REMOTE

Is there others ports I need to redirect in the LAN openwrt main router

Thanks for our help.

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