VPN Server Error in System Admin

I’ve got a FreePBX server I setup on a hosted virtual server. It’s FreePBX 13.0.158 on CentOS 6.8. The System Admin module is installed and running fine along with everything else except for the VPN Server in System Admin.

I’m getting this error message from the FreePBX web interface: “easyrsa3 not installed Unable to proceed! Run yum install easyrsa3 as root to continue.” So, I run that command from the terminal (as root) and I get this error: Error: Package: easyrsa3-3.0.0-1.shmz65.1.3.noarch (schmooze-commercial) Requires: openvpn.

Any tips on how to resolve this? I’m sure I could manually install OpenVPN as one option.

The main reason I’m wanting to try this is I just ordered a couple of the new Sangoma S500 phones and I was wanting to try out the VPN functionality.

Try installing OpenVPN? :slight_smile:

That’s my plan next. I tried yum install openvpn and that didn’t work, so I’ll have to do a bit more research on the steps to follow. I’ll post updates when I figure anything out.

I was able to get OpenVPN to install with yum after I followed the instructions here: http://www.tecmint.com/how-to-enable-epel-repository-for-rhel-centos-6-5/