VPN On my FreePBX

Hello friends,
Please I am using FreePBX in my office and I want to use it when I am at home, So how to setup VPN or what I have to do to get access at home? Thanks

Easiest way it to setup a VPN from your home router to your office router.

How to do that is specific to your router.

Then can you please guide me to set it up? I want to know how to do it. Thanks

That has nothing to do with FreePBX. You need to program your routers.

Boss, I understand but how to do that? This is what I want to know. Please tell me what to do…

Come on now, don’t you think you are being ridiculous?

How am I supposed to know how to program whatever routers you have? I don’t even know if they are capable of VPN’s.

Have you considered looking on your vendors support site for a VPN FAQ.

Don’t even thing of trying to make two different routers connect via a VPN without help from a network expert.

The process on most routers is:

1 - Define peer addresses
2 - Setup VPN gateway (stuff like preshared key, phase I and II proposition etc.)
3 - Configure “interesting” traffic for VPN, this is traffic that will bypass global NAT settings and be use to identify the traffic to encrypt.